Monday Round-Up + Some Golf

This weekend was a pretty relaxing one. On Saturday I did a lot of cleaning, did some shopping for a sort of baby shower that we're having at work, and managed to cook something for dinner. Which is actually saying something.

I also watch In the Heart of the Sea (which I will always continue to call In the Heart of the Ocean, cause Titanic) which stars Chris Hemsworth and is the story of Moby Dick, basically. Anyways it was really good. I thought C. Hemsworth did a great job.

On Sunday Brian and I went out to breakfast, and then decided to hit the driving range. I know there's a certain connotation with the game of golf, but I've got to tell you, I love it. It's a great way to get outside, and get some exercise. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of great fashion in golf (plaid pants, anyone?) but I always try to not only meet the dress code of the course but look halfway decent while doing it.

golfing outfit

shirt / skirt / sunglasses / shoes

Also, I managed to snap a picture of my typical no make up make up look, which is what I wear on an every-weekend type of day....

PS I'm not sure why I look so bah hum in the photo...


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