NASCAR Weekending

For those of you who don't know, I am a huge NASCAR fan. Huge. This weekend we went to the AutoClub 400 in Fontana, California which is about 15 minutes away from where we live. It was a lot of fun.

For those of you who are not NASCAR fans, I'm sorry, this post is going to be a little race-day heavy. If you're looking for something with makeup, scroll down. I'm posting the look I wore to the race :-)

When we first got there we went an got some driver merch and rented a scanner (which is so you can hear what the drivers are saying while racing). It was the best, thing, ever, to do. We laughed so much and at one point the crew chief screamed out something amazing and hilarious (and R-Rated) and it made my weekend.

I really love when they do this. There were skydivers and the lead singer from Switchfoot sang the national anthem. Also, Switchfoot played a show right before the race, which was awesome cause it was exactly like a free concert :-).

And the ugliest batmobile on the planet was there as well. This is from the new film Batman vs Superman (team Superman all the way). Seriously, between Ben Affleck being Batman and seeing the new batmobile, I have some serious concerns about the film. Serious. Concerns.

Jimmie Johnson is my driver, for many many reasons, some of which include my former Lowe's employment and the fact that he's like totally cute and stuff. So you can imagine my excitement when he freaking WON! He won! Superman won! (There was a show down, Batman aka Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn't do so well). Check out the burn out video below...


This is the look I wore to race day! As you can see, I was pretty darn excited. Check out the list of what I had on my face below

In the Crease / MAC Charcoal Brown
Outer Corner / MAC Mulch
Setting Spray / Urban Decay De-Slick

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