Tour de MAC Pro Palette

Hello everyone! And welcome to my very eyeshadow-dusty MAC Pro Palette. I swear to you, it didn't look that bad when I took the photo and then editing happened and yeah...

So disregard all the eyeshadow fall out, but that is my completed MAC Pro Palette. For those of you who aren't officially familiar with the MAC Pro Palette, basically this is an empty canvas with which you are able to build your perfect palette using all MAC eye shadows. The bonus is that you get a discount when you purchase just the pots versus a full eye shadow in the plastic packaging. A pro palette pot is $6 versus the normal at $16. Palette's are available in 2, 4, and 15 pots and are only available at MAC Pro stores.

Brule is the one color that I don't necessarily love, however, I do use it to set my eye shadow primer because it's just soooo sheet. All that Glitters is the best color in the history of colors. It's a very rose gold shimmer that goes great with every skin tone. Sable and Texture are two of my go-to crease and transition shades. Antiqued is a beautiful coppery brown that is great for all over the lid and/or with an outer corner color.

I generally use Twinks as a stand alone, all over lid color, while Satin Taupe is a great crease shade for cool toned looks. Quarry is a great lid color with an accent on the outer corner. Cranberry and Deep Damson are the prettiest reds. Cranberry is cult classic, while Deep Damson is a great mixer shade with something like Sable, and Texture.

Green Smoke should be in all green, hazel, or brown eyed girls palettes. Period. Steamy is like a mermaid in an eyeshadow. Mulch is another great shadow for all of the lid by itself. Jest and I are besties for life. I love this as a brow highlight. And last but not least charcoal brown is my other go-to crease color. In fact, it's basically been what I've been reaching for for the last month.

And that's it! The whole tour! The only gripe I have about the palette is that there is no way to tell what the name of the color is. In order to remedy this I got a label maker and put the colors on the back.

What's in your palette? Leave a comment below!

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