Monday Round-Up + Medieval Times

WARNING: This post contains information that some may consider a little geeky....and that's ok with me. This weekend was packed full of fun but the best part was my very first time attending Medieval Times. 

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, Medieval Times is a dinner theater that showcases horsemanship, and medieval games like jousting and sword fighting. Think Ren Fest only with chairs and servers.

The show is only about 2 hours long, which I think is the perfect length. The food was good as well and there was tons of it. Back in the day there were no utensils, so you had to eat everything with your fingers which was fun. Cause I'm fancy like that.

Here we are with our crowns! We were rooting for the green knight, who made it to the final round of the joust, but sadly 'died' in the last round. Also, he was the cheesiest knight in the history of knights. He reminded Brian and I of this guy...

I know, right?



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