One Year Check Up: What I've Learned

Well, it's been just over a year of me really, really blogging and I've learned a ton in the last year. Today, I'm going to over some of the biggest lessons I've learned.

1. Content is hard. There are days when I literally have nothing to write and it's so hard to figure out what I'm going to do. There have been times when I literally empty out all of my makeup stash and go, there must be something new in here...

2. Direction is essential. In order to really blog successfully, you can't just type away about your life. You need some kind of direction and guidelines for your blog. It keeps you focused and your readership appreciates it. Random is okay in small quantities.

3. You should probably figure out a few laws like what the FTC says about affiliates, the Google guidelines, etc. This year has been full of good ideas, one specifically that backfired was the thought that I could copy my blog posts for That didn't work well since Google as a law that says you can't exactly copy a post. Basically it boils down to exploiting search engine optimization.

4. Being an affiliate for affiliates sake is not a great idea. Who cares really if you're an affiliate for the shoe you post once? No one. And ps, until you're super famous, you're not going to make a ton of money blogging.

5. Be yourself. I can't emphasis this enough. Your readers are going to like you more if you're real. For real. It's true.

6. Photography and layout is key. When you start a blog, you need to figure out how to take good pictures. Get a good camera, it can just be a point and shoot for now. But you need to be able to effectively photograph your products. Also, editing software is essential.

7. Getting on a schedule helps not only you but your readers. When your readers figure out your schedule, it's easier for them to know that you're posting. It also helps you get in a routine which is extremely important for work-life-balance right? Right.

8. IFTTT is your friend. Not sure what I'm talking about? If This Than That is an app that has specific recipes that will automatically post things across your social media platforms. Example, when I post a new blog post, it immediately goes on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. When I post an instagram photo it's immediately posts on Twitter as a native image. It's a life safe. 

Those are my biggest lessons. If you're a blogger, let me know some of your lessons!

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