Revisiting Vegas Style: Cosmopolitan Edition

For those of you who remember, I while back I did this post all about how to transition from day to night in good 'ol Las Vegas. It's time to venture back to the 'city of sin' and this time, we're checking into the most glam hotel on the strip, The Cosmopolitan.

I finally made my way through The Cosmopolitan the last time I was in Vegas and I was a little in love. When you walk in from the strip, you actually walk into the second (?) level of the Chandelier bar. Which is a tri-level bar, surrounded by a chandelier. You're actually in a chandelier. It. Is. Life. 

vegas style: the shopping

jacket / clutch / tank / jeans / sandals / sunglasses

The Cosmopolitan is also known for it's shopping. It has a ton of great boutiques to meander in and out of while you're staying there. Because The Cos (cause Cosmopolitan is too long to type every time) is so glam, I would feel out of place with a low-key casual outfit, even for shopping. Instead, I would opt for something with a jacket (because the desert can get cold) sandals, and dark wash jean.

vegas style: the pool

swim / sunglasses / sunscreen / cover up / hat

After shopping, I'd be inclined to visit one of The Cos' three different pools. Keeping with the theme of glam, I love the one piece suit featured above. I love a black swimming suit. It's slimming, classic, and sexy all at once. Don't forget your sunscreen! The Sun Bum 50 SPF is my favorite.

vegas style: the bar

After a good lounge, it's probably going to be time for dinner and drinks. As mentioned above, I would be heading to the Chandelier Bar in The Cos. I love the statement earrings from Elisabeth Ashlie and you'd be able to use the same jacket from your shopping trip as a cover up.

Being able to have versatile outfits is essential in Vegas. There is just so much to do and see, and when you're travelling great distances, you need to be able to work your wardrobe to go from the shoppes, to the pool, to the bar.

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