Big Bear Lake, California

This was such a fun weekend. Brian is still on vacation but I took Friday off to celebrate our five year anniversary! Hooray us! We decided to take a trip up to Big Bear since I have never been up there. It's a nice little town in the mountains with some boutique shops and a few restaurants. We spent only an hour actually in Big Bear and then went down the mountain to Lake Arrowhead and shopped there for a while. The drive up was absolutely stunning.

We were up at about 7,500 ft and managed to rise above the cloud cover. It looks like you could just jump out of your car and roll around in it. I wouldn't recommend that since we were at 6,000 ft when I took that picture. 

It was also Cooper's birthday (he turned 3) so we picked up a special treat from Three Dog Bakery for him. That's a picture of him sitting nicely waiting for his birthday treat. This is the only time he behaves.

I found a few great pieces this weekend. The lipstick wasn't really a find, but I did try it out for the first time this weekend so that counts. Before you judge me for blue lipstick, know this: it doesn't go on blue. This is the coolest lip stick. It goes on with a slightly translucent-blue color and then changes into the perfect berry color for you. I love it. I'll try to remember to wear this on snapchat (shesleaningin1) so you guys can see it. 

I love the dress that I found up in Lake Arrowhead as well. It's a very casual dress, but still festive and fun. The star of the show is the saddle bag I found from Target. Like, what? Yes, it's amazing and I love it. That's about it for this weekend. I hope you all have a great week!

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