The Cuff, The Earrings, and The Necklace (Rocksbox)

I've been trying to decide for the last month whether I should sign up for Rocksbox, and finally, Meg (from MyMonochromaticLife) sent me a month's free Rocksbox and I caved. Because hey! It's free, right?

Anyways, I'm really glad I did. In case you don't know, Rocksbox is a subscription box (yay!) that allows you to rent higher-end jewelry for a minimal cost per month. You get three pieces, and you can keep them for as long as you like (as long as you keep paying your subscription fee) or out and out buy the pieces at a discounted price. From what I've seen, the discounts range from $10-$15 off retail, which isn't much, but it's something.

When you first sign up, you take a style quiz and are encouraged to add a few pieces to your wishlist to help your personal stylist out. I went a little over board and ended up adding 40 pieces to my wishlist, which is great, but it sort of takes the element of surprise out of it. My stylist did pick something that wasn't on my list (earrings) and they're actually my favorite pieces of the bunch. Eventually, when you're done playing with your pretty jewelry, you send back the pieces you're not purchasing and the process starts all over again. The envelope they send the box in is reusable and they include a postage-paid shipping label for you. It doesn't get any easier.  Here's what I got...

Kendra Scott Earrings buy here

I'm definitely going to be sticking with Rocksbox for a while. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Unfortunately, I could only find the Kendra Scott earrings in a different place than Rocksbox. And PS I managed to include an 'i' in the name Halsey so it's spelled like Haisley, and I realize that I should go back and fix it, but you guys, I already closed out and I'd have to re-do the entire collage....le sigh You feel me right? Right.

If you want to give it a try, head over to Rocksbox right now, and enter in the code CANDICEBFF82. The first 3 people to sign up with that code will get their first month's box free!

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