Shopping & Roses Weekending

Seriously though. Who likes a Monday?


Hello everyone and welcome to another week! This weekend was pretty darn eventful. It started on Saturday when I had to run a ton of errands and that was a-ok with me. I love running around and shopping. Guess where my first stop was?

Surprised? Neither was Brian. I was good though. I had to return a brush shampoo in order to get a daily spray and ended up reaching 498 points which was "close enough" to get my the 500 point beauty insider which is NARS this month. Oh yes, ladies, it's NARS. So if you're close to 500 go and redeem. In this kit comes a ride or die product for me (eyeshadow primer), their super famous Orgasm Blush, masacara, and a lip gloss. It's amazing.

The next stop was Kohl's to return some pants and then, off to Old Navy who never ceases to amaze me when it comes to their summer 2 line. I got the cutest dress and tank top. I can't wait to show you. Click here if you want a sneak peak.

Then it was on to Target to pay my week homage to the amazingness that lies within. This weeks not needed, and impulsively purchased item was a brand new water bottle from the Starbucks inside. How freaking cute is this? And it holds a TON of water! Look out for these in your state, my assumption is that not all of them say 'California'. ;-)

On Sunday Brian was home so we went down to the OC Swap meet which is a huge event that takes place most weekends and has some great vendors set up. I love going places like this because you never know what you'll find. We ended up connecting with a custom furniture maker who had a great looking sofa. I'm excited to contact him and start designing. The house we have really requires a custom made sofa (more on that later).

This weekend I had quite the saga with my beloved roses. I came home on Friday to what I thought was rampant rose rust and turned out to be that because we're now back to living on the sun, the roses just weren't getting enough water.

Not only have I sprayed them down with Neem Oil (which smells terrible) just in case, but I've also taken to two a day full soakings. I'm worried about them when I leave for vacation shortly, but we've gotten a drop irrigation system to hopefully keep them alive and well while I'm gone.

And that's it! I hope you all have a week and see you Wednesday!

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