A Much Needed Trip to the Beach

I never really had a good respect for the ocean until I lived near it. And I find that most people who are coastal also have this same sort of respect. It's very large, and very powerful, but somehow creates the most serene sense of calm. It's really quite amazing.

I live only about 40 minutes away from the beach, so, in theory, I'm able to go there whenever I want. However, as with most things, life (and traffic on the 91) gets in the way and I found myself realizing that the last time I had been at the beach was my birthday....in January.

It was time to go.

So, like most locals, Brian and I got up early (not surprising) and made the trip down to the beach in order to make it there before the tourists roll of their perspective racks. It was beautiful, and the fish market was in full swing.

I took a bunch of pictures, and curated my favorites for you here.  Enjoy!

Fish Market

The Beach

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