Color Prediction: Pass the Mustard

I love color. I really do. If it was a legitimate career, I would be a color theorist (a person who studies color, for real). During this time, every year, I issue a color prediction for the next year. I've been right, more than I've been wrong, so this year I'm going on record.

I predict, the Pantone color of the year will be something like this mustard yellow. 

I've been seeing this pop up everywhere lately, and I'm really quite excited. I know what you're thinking, whoa. Mustard yellow? Our mother's are all rolling their eyes, and saying something like "I remember the 70's" and they're right. This was a popular color in the 1970's. The difference here is that we're not going to pair it was avocado green, brunt orange, and brown. 

Print 1 / Print 2 / Sofa / Rug / Paint (available at Lowe's)

Instead, you can paint a wall this color (just one wall, don't go crazy). Or you can have a pop of color on a sofa, in a rug (ps the rug is from West Elm and holy crap I love it). Or, you can play it safe, and grab a couple art prints from my favorite place Rifle Paper Co. Either way, I think you'll end up being right on trend.

Let me know your color predictions! 

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