Red Lip for the Dog Days

I can't believe we're half way through summer. What happened? I mean, it was Memorial Day YESTERDAY! What in the world?

Everyone knows there's no better time to have a pop of color on the lips than spring/summer. It just seems to fit the warmer weather, the beach, the summer fun, just everything. Now that we're getting into the dog days of summer, it's time to start scaling back that color a bit, and prep for fall.

Prep for fall. Good Lord this year is flying by.

I found myself meandering through the Denver airport on my latest cross-country flight (cause everything from California is cross-country) and wandered into (surprise?) the Urban Decay store. Turns out they had the BOGO 50% on their lipsticks still so I indulged and ended up picking up a color I normally wouldn't have looked twice at.

Allow me to introduce you to Urban Decay's Matte Revolution in the color Temper*.  It's a terra-cotta red/orange and is absolutely perfect for late summer/early fall. I wore this for the first time on the 4th of July and while I normally would have gone with something a little brighter, this color worked nicely. What's more? It's a red that I'd be willing to bet will work on all skin tones which can be tricky.

The formula is great as well. I put this on and within 30 minutes ate Buffalo Wild Wings. It isn't long lasting but leaves behind a really nice stain that will last for a long time.

Next time you're out and about, give this a try. You might just find a red that works all year round.

*After picking this up and writing this post, I realized that Urban Decay has rebranded their matte revolution lipsticks for the Vice Comfort Matte Lipsticks. The color is exactly the same, and I'd bet it's the same formula, just new prettier packaging.

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