Some Friday Favorites


Hello everyone and welcome to the best day of the week! Let's re-cap some of my favorite finds of the week, shall we?

I went to Hobby Lobby this week (omg) without adult supervision (Brian was fake mad) and found this amazing print for the bedroom. Used that 40% off coupon too. whaaaat!?

Also, one of my coworkers is getting married and is going to Cuba for his honeymoon. So a few of my other coworkers and I got together and got this print. This was my reason for going to Hobby Lobby so we could get it custom framed. It's going to be awesome. (Btw, the actual story of my coworkers going in on the present goes like this: Two men walk into my office. "Hey Candice, how much do we owe you for D's present?" Me, "Wait, what? I already ordered his present." Blank stares. Me, "Sigh.....$50 a piece.")

This romper from Old Navy is definitely a win. Seriously Old Navy this year! High five.

The Hamilton soundtrack and I are having a love affair. That's really all I have to say about it.

Finally, I've discovered the easiest way to distract yourself from your accounting homework is watching mass quantities of Tasty videos on Facebook.

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