Book Review: The Magical Art of Reading About Cleaning but not Actually Doing It

I'm sure most of you have heard about this book. It's been around for quite a while and millions of women have globbed on to it with the hopes of learning the ancient Japanese art of super clean houses. 

Is this book worth the read? Absolutely. 

Is it life changing? No.

Are some of Marie Kondo's ideas good ones? Oh yes, and others are just not feasible in my life. 

The book starts out by giving you a history of Kondo's obsessive need to tidy from a very young age. One of my favorite things about her that she says straight out, "Hey, I've tried all the newest trends and none of them worked."

One of the things she speaks of specifically is going through, while tidying, and identifying items that spark joy. Some of this seems a little woo-woo but it's actually quite helpful. She says that you should, for example, empty your entire bookshelf onto the floor and handle each book. This is the only way you can truly decide what stays and what goes. I like this theory, it's a great idea.

There are a few general tips like, fold your shirts in a way that you can see them all in a drawer and find extra uses for shoe-boxes cause they're hyper functional, but overall, this book isn't about that. It's more about finding the items that you actually want in your life versus accumulating piles of items that spark no joy, or have no purpose.

As someone who moves a lot and generally has to be ready to move for Brian's career, I don't have a huge problem with accumulating items. HA! I do accumulate, but I've got to say, frequent moving cures you accumulating way too much stuff.

If you're in need of some helpful tips about cleaning, tidying, and generally de-cluttering your life, this is definitely a good read for you. Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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