Tips for Creating that Gallery Wall


I was recently asked what my tips for creating a gallery wall are and I've got to tell you, this is not my strong suit. The person who asked me was a bit surprised at my "I have no idea, I'm terrible at these things" text back and said, ...."'re so good with home stuff..."

Yes, it's true. I suck at creating a gallery. Here's proof:

In theory, there should be a gallery wall there. I mean, it's the perfect spot, but for the last year+ I've been trying to figure out what to put there and still have found nothing.

It wasn't until after reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (posted about it here) that it dawned on me what my issues were:

1. I generally don't like gallery walls. Who knew?

2. I was too worried about finding the 'right' piece versus finding the right piece. Confusing? Let me explain...

In the book, Kondo talks about only keeping things that bring you joy, or spark some kind of emotion. In her experience, you need to actually pick up an item, hold it in your hands, and then decide whether you love it. After reading this, and skimming through Nate Berkus' The Things That Matter I realized what they were both saying in very different ways:

In other words, buy the things you find that make you feel something (preferably something good) and no matter what you purchase, it will all go together. It's like a weird trust exercise for your home decor, but I promise you it will work out as long as you're buying the things you love.

For me, this makes complete sense, even in the most logical way. I mean, you're spending your hard earned money on something, you had better freaking love it. Throw away the idea of what you think might go with something. Just throw it away. You'll be happier.


Getting back to the gallery wall...

When you're ready to make a gallery wall, assemble wall decor items that you love and get down on the floor to play. Arrange the items until you find the layout you like, take a picture with your handy-dandy phone, and start hanging. You'll soon find that regardless of where, when, or how you purchased the items for your gallery wall, you'll end up with a cohesive look that goes with the rest of the items in your house.

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