Exfoliating is Essential

Until recently I had been shirking my exfoliating responsibilities and now, after keeping it up for about a month I can really tell a difference in my skin. Currently, I use two types of exfoliating: dry brushing, and using scrub.

On any given day, I usually dry brush. I only do this in specific areas where I need the most help. It's also almost essential if you wax (brazilian wax) to help with ingrown hairs. I wax and this has helped that situation immensely. Target sells the brush I got for $6.

I also ran to Bath and Body Works and picked up the the Golden Sugar Scrub which had wicked good reviews and now I know why. This starts out as a super thick sugar scrub and as you rub it in (and exfoliate) it actually turns into a oil that conditions your skin. I will never use another exfoliant again. There's no reason to ever try anything else after using this stuff. It's great. Buy it here.

If you're looking for a new exfoliant, definitely give this routine a go. It's completely changed my skin for the better.

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