Fall Staples under $60

Staples Sweaters under $60

Clockwise: Ticket to Cozy Sweater ($58) / Knit a Chance Sweater ($52)
Cute Grey Sweater - Lace-Up ($41) / Chunky Pointelle Sweater ($49.95)

Fall is finally here, and I am excited. Today, I've curated some of my staple sweaters for this fall. There's a lot of lace up and a lot of grey, but you know what? It's what I love, so I'm just going to go with it. 

One of my biggest pet-peeves is that sweaters today can literally cost an arm and a leg. I'm all about quality and getting a sweater that's going to last, but if you're like me, and you know you'll wear the sweater for one season and then move on when fall comes around again next year. Spending nearly $100 on a sweater is just not for me. This is why everything shown above is under $60 which is an acceptable price in my life.

Let me know what sweaters you've been eyeing. I'm pretty sure I'll end up getting all of these sweaters, which might negate the whole not spending a ton on sweaters, but hey...whattya gonna do?

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