Dealing with Stress at Work


Lately, I've been having a hard time dealing with stress at work. I mean, I normally have a lot of stress going on because it's the nature of my business, but lately it's been a bit tougher to deal with than normal. I realized that I had stopped doing some of my basic de-stressers and with a little help from a friend, I was able to get back on track. Here's my tips and tricks for dealing with stress at work:

1. Know When You're Stressing  I think the hardest part about dealing with stress at work and realizing just how stressed you are at any moment. If you start to feel scattered or that you're just not getting things done, take a minute to analyze yourself. Are you really not getting things done? Or are you just stressing out because there's more on your to-do list than you can handle?

2. Take a Breath  One of the most effective ways of dealing with stress and anxiety is remembering to breathe. And it's not just an oh yes I'm breathing moment, it's a full breath in the nose and out the mouth. My therapist (yes, I went to therapy, and yes it was amazing) used to make me take a deep breath in and then sigh it out, like audibly. I used to feel like a total goober doing it but it actually did help. So go in your office, shut the door, and breathe it out.

3. Walk it Out  When the situation becomes a bit much, check out for a minute. Excuse yourself, take a walk, and you'll be surprised how great you feel when you get back. If you work in a complex, I'd recommend making sure you get outside. I work in an office building with very few windows. It always helps me to go outside and experience the sunlight.

4. Remember it's about Tolerating  Meg from MyMonochromaticLife tells me this all time. Candice, it's about self care and tolerating. I can't tell you how often she reminds me whenever I'm complaining about the latest super stressful issue I'm dealing with. Remember, it's not about being successful all the time, it's about tolerating and getting through it.

5. Self Care, Self Care, Self Care  There is nothing more important that after a stressful week making sure that you take a moment to do some self care. This can be binge watching your favorite TV Show (FRIENDS), listening to your favorite anti-stress band (My Chemical Romance), or watching your favorite movie (hey there, Disney). It can also be something more extravagant like a day at the spa or or nail salon. The biggest deal here, is just making sure you're taking time for you.

Have a great day!

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