Urban Decay Just Nailed It

Hold on to your hats kids, Urban Decay brought back their nail polish line as part of their 20th (I think it's 20th) anniversary celebration. They've also brought back a few gorgeous lip color shades but that's not what we're focusing on today.

No, today it's all about their UD XX Vintage Nail Polish. I managed to pick up a couple shades and while I haven't been able to officially try them out, I did perform a couple of quick test areas and so far so good. It dries relatively quickly and has good coverage. I really like it.

The first color I picked up is Plague which is a deep sparkly purple. I'm not sure why I went this way, well....that's not true. I do know why. It's because I love purple nail polishes. I can't help myself.

The other color I picked up is Roach which is a really weird color. Bronze with a red shimmer. I LOVE IT. It's perfect for fall/Thanksgiving.

They've got a few other colors, so run over and check them out. These are limited edition so it's important to get them soon! They retail for $10 so you can pick up a couple colors before their gone!

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