Gifts for the Last Minute Shopper

Last Minute Gifts

I can't believe Christmas is basically a week away. How does that happen? Like it's Halloween, and then BOOM. Christmas. So, in lieu of this information, I've managed to round up a few last minute gift ideas that I think are pretty fantastic. Let's check them out shall we?

I have the Beats Ear Buds and love them. On the other hand, Brian has the headphones and equally loves them. I think if I were to do it again, I'd just get one of each. These really are fantastic.

I'm having a bit of a moment with all black jewelry. These Jet Drop Earrings from Banana Republic are pretty gorgeous.

I burn 3-wick candles from Bath and Body works all the time, and if I was thinking, I'd break up the remaining wax and put it in some like the Ador Decorative Warmer. So cute.

The easiest way to please a beauty junkie is to give her a big bunch of lip product. The Give Me Some Bold Lip from Sephora is perfection.

I love my Kitchenaid Mixer more than anything and encourage everyone to get one who doesn't have one. This is or is very close to the most expensive thing on this but I care not. I think it's totally worth it :-)

Don't forget! My playlist is updated with my favorite Fall Out Boy songs! Check it out!

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