Weekending + Ugly Sweaters

Good morning everyone and hooray for another week starting. [insert eyeroll emoji here]. I know, but let's not forget, it is one more week closer to Christmas, and that's always fun.

This weekend, we went to an Ugly Sweater party on Friday night. I mean, there were some ugly sweaters there. One couple came dressed up as a presents, it was great. They won the ugliest sweater/costume prize. It was fabulous. Unfortunately, Brian had been up since 1am that morning and let's face it, being the only pregnant chick at a party with lots of fun and drinking sucks, so we ended up leaving around 9:30 to go home and pass out.

Saturday, we went shopping for baby stuff. I highly recommend checking out Buy Buy Baby. Not only did they have a lot of great stuff, and I thought the prices were better than Babies R Us. In all fairness, I hate the 'R Us' empire more than I probably should (for absolutely no viable reason) so I'm probably a little biased. But, I didn't see any super cute Michael Kors shoes as Babies R Us, did I?

No I did not. I also managed to finish this book this weekend:

It was good, but I mean, it wasn't great at the same time. Be aware, there are spoilers following so, if you'd rather not know, skip to the next picture. It's set in a post-zombie apocalypse world that has created this weird bunker thing to study the zombie organism in little kids....and that's the entire story. The writing kind of bothered me, and a lot of people have really liked this. It wasn't terrible but if I'm honest, I read until about 40% of the way through and starting skipping pages. I didn't miss anything. If you're into dystopian novels and love zombies, this might be the book for you, but for me? It was kind of a miss.

This is the look for Friday night. I really like a warm smokey eye for basically any time, but especially for the Holiday season. You find all the products I used below, except for the lip color which is Colourpop Stingraye and is discontinued (I believe).

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