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Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting over the past week, but with Christmas and pregnancy, I was just exhausted. No lie. Anyways, here's what I ended up with for Christmas presents. I always love seeing what other people got, so I hope you enjoy this too!

The Swag

I love the football so much and the Green Bay Packers are my team. They're a great team, they consistently play well, and pretty much define football for me. Brian and my parents both surprised me with some swag. It's awesome.

The Fashion

Um, Hello Kate Spade! I knew about the handbag (I mean, we bought it on, on supersale) but I had no idea my brother got me the champagne colored Keds that Kate Spade as helped engineer. OMG. They're Kate Spade Keds. I can't even. I also managed to snag the sweater from Anthropologie as a "To Candice from Santa" gift. Love it.

The Gear

I'm an avid baker I've gone years without a proper set of cookie sheets. My parents finally remedied that with these great cookie sheets from Williams-Sonoma. Thank you mom and dad!

I hope everyone got what they wanted this Christmas! I know mine was certainly eventful! 

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