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Welcome to Friday! So thankful that we made it! The first part of this week, my parents were still here so we were busy with them. We went to Harry Potter World again on Sunday and I absolutely loved it. We picked up some more wands, a stuffed Hedwig for the baby and an interactive Maurader's Map which is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Also, it's been raining since the beginning of time, hence the picture.

I've also had a great response to my post about having a "glowing" pregnancy. Thank you! It really means a lot to me to share in a truthful and candid way and have people texting me and commenting that they loved it. Thank you.

Let's get to some favorite's, shall we? I'm going to try to get back to this every week.

First off all, did you see that Nate Berkus came out with a baby line for Target? There's not a lot there right now, and I'm hoping that he expands it. There are a few really good pieces like these sheets and this blanket.

I've also officially put the Kevin Aucion Sculpting Powder in medium on my to be purchased list. I've heard nothing but great about this, and I feel like this might be the contour/all-in-one that I'm looking for.

I'm having a love affair with elephants. How cute is this?

Lately, I've been into contouring again, and I really like a powder that's got that there but not there look. The L'Oreal Pro Contour Palette is working for me right now. It's not the greatest powder in the world, but it's doing something I like right now, so I'm into it.

I've also got a nasty cold and can take about 0 things. (Thanks pregnancy). My light and savior has been Vicks Vaporub. Remember this stuff? It's the only thing that helps my cough and let's me get some semblance of sleep at night.

Have a great weekend!


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