Rainy Day Essentials


You guys, it has been raining in SoCal for 40 days and nights and really, people don't know what to do with themselves. There are actual songs that are written about the lack of rain in California, but this year, has been very very different.

And actually, we should all be excited because the lack of rain in previous years caused that wicked drought which made us all wonder just how polluted the water supply was with no fresh water coming in....never thought about that before didya?

But I digress...

This has forced me to actually get serious about what to have on hand in case of a rainy day, so, in typical fashion, I'm sharing my essentials with you.

Rainy Day Essentials

In the midwest, you never really needed half of these things...or maybe I just never bothered with them, but in California, rain is a big deal...and it sort of feels like little ice cubes hitting your face.....

I find the boots are essential due to the street flooding. If you're walking any where your shoes will be soaked. A coworker of mine, wore Sperry's one day...and let's just say we discovered that boat shoes don't actually work as boats... I have a new pair of Guess boots on my feet now, but I unfortunately can not find them online so the ones featured are from A2 by Aerosoles which are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Give them a try!

I'm a huge proponent of keeping your feet warm and dry, maybe it's the years of living in the snow, but I know, the quickest way to get a chill is to get your feet wet and cold. I always wear socks in my boots because of this and I thought these socks from Modcloth were just fantastically cute.

I really like this jacket from Target. It's a light jacket so those in the north land, my apologies, but for those of us in the south, this would work great! A coworker of mine (not the same as the Sperry's) walked in one day with this scarf from Vans and I feel in love. Her's was pink, which I can not get behind, but I do love me a navy.

The piece de restisance is the stinkin' umbrella I found from Amazon. You guys...it's inverted. As in, it closes the other way! I love it. Someone recently stole my umbrella...because everyone wants a zebra-print travel umbrella...so I replaced it with this inverted, double sided, piece of glory. As I write this, I'm still waiting for it to come in the mail, but never fear, I'll update you via Instagram or Twitter.

If you live in a state with a rainy season, try to stay dry! For the rest of you: STAY WARM!

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