A Few Bits and Bobs + Weekending

I had another pretty uneventful weekend. I'm battling a chest cold and really tried to rest up so instead of boring you with the details, I thought today would be a good day to go through some things I've been checking out lately.

I've posted about the Origins Charcoal mask before so I'm not going to do another post, but seriously, with hormones raging because of pregnancy, my poor skin keeps having these massive breakouts. I've started using this mask weekly or at least bi-weekly and every time I've used it, I notice a difference the next morning. More so than when I wasn't pregnant and using it. The first time my face was clearer and the second time, some bumps that hadn't surfaced yet had been pulled to the surface and by the next day were gone. I've also loved using the ELF Pore Refining Brush to apply. It's great. 

I also picked up this Burt's Bees Day Lotion as an all-natural moisturizing to hold me over until I can start using the good stuff again. Pregnancy and all that jazz makes you rethink literally every thing you use... I haven't used it yet, but so far, it's got a little bit of a weird smell, but I might be willing to get over that if it's good.

A few other things I've been looking at are these neon shoes from Vans. Also, don't you think this pink lip is probably the best pink lip for spring? It's on my to-buy list. And, I'm not saying, I'm just saying, Zara has the cutest baby clothes, ever.

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