Drugstore Valentine's Day Makeup

If you're like me and you find yourself constantly at Target, last minute, before any major event, then you'll likely be stopping by your local Target or _________ [insert drugstore here] to get a last minute item or look for tonight's main event. So, in order to help you out, I've gathered up some of the best Valentine's Day beauty options available at your local drugstore!

Valentine's Day @ The Drugstore

I think the most important thing for a Valentine's Day look is a red lip. I love the Burts Bee's lipsticks so much and this color is very red and very Valentine's. 

I'm big into natural glam right now and I've heard really good things about the Milani palettes. In fact, a lot of Milani is really good, so you can imagine my surprise when I walked into my Target and noticed that they had started carrying it! 

E.L.F. has also been stepping up their game lately, however, this bronzer is an oldie and a goodie. I've been using it for years, and it's still my backup. 

For full voluminous lashes, the only mascara to use is the L'Oreal one above. It's my every day go-to because it lifts and separates your lashes while lengthening and creating tons of volume.

Baublebar has been making an appearance at Target lately as well and I thought these pink baubles would go nicely with dinner tonight :). 

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day whether it's with your main squeeze or a bunch of gal-pals!



  1. I am so jealous! Your Target started carrying Milani! I literally live at Target. I am there about 3-4 times a week. Hopefully the Target by my house starts carying Milani soon.


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