Tackling the Registry Pt. 1 | The Wedding

If you've had a major life event like, a wedding or a baby, you know that sometimes, tackling the registry can be a daunting experience. At least it was for me.

Anyways, when Brian and I got married, we had a decently easy time putting things on the registry, but still struggled with things that we thought might have been frivolous. Newsflash: We still put a bunch of stuff on there, that we didn't need and still haven't used....at all. We've been married for 6 years in May.

Now that we're on to the baby registry we're faced with a brand new set of struggles. What do I need? What don't I need? What seems like a good idea but isn't? Etc... So, in my typical fashion, I'm going to go ahead and share some things I've learned along the way to help those of you just starting on this journey.


Start Making a List of the things that you don't have but wish you had around the house. Brian and I lived for 5 years without a toaster (I hate toasters, they're so messy) but eventually, the convenience of having one won out. If you live with your significant other, and are missing something like a toaster, put it on the list! Hint: You do not need a quesadilla maker, although a waffle maker is a good idea.

Look for some High End Kitchen Accessories at stores like Williams Sonoma, and Sur La Table. These accessories, like a metal spatula (currently on our list), a Le Creuset Dutch Oven, and really good oven mitts will last a lifetime. These are one-time purchases.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself by editing your list down a ton! For instance: I knew I wanted high-end china because I knew I would use it. If you want high-end china just for the hell of it, don't do it. Also, you absolutely do not need a popcorn maker (microwave/dutch oven work just fine), a quesadilla maker, doughnut maker, or any other type of maker unless it's a bread maker which I still have and keep saying I'll use but in the last 6 years, have not. You also do not need a cheese board or knife...unless cheese is your past time, then knock yourself out.

Be Tactful when you're creating your list. Don't register for things just to register for them. Most people are just as happy getting you a gift card to your favorite store or slipping some cash in a card. These items will go much further than your nifty new doughnut maker. Also, if you've been if your relationship for a while, and you've established a household, by all means do a registry! But your registry isn't necessarily the right time or place to redecorate your bathroom, savvy?


This is the first registry site I'm going to recommend because I wish I had it when I got married. This is a site where you can register for anything, from anywhere, including cash and gift cards, with just one registry. Believe me when I tell you, as you're planning your wedding, less is more people.

Is the best all-rounder and best bang for your buck (or your guests bucks anyways).

Is the best for those high-end items like China and really good sheets (register for these, you'll thank me later).

This one is the smorgasbord of registries but be wary, you'll likely have to supplement with a place like Target or Macy's for the additional stuff.

Stay Tuned Next Wednesday for Part 2! The Baby Registry.

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