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First of all, if you didn't see my Tackling the Registry Pt. 1 definitely check it out, cause this is the second installment...and you know...order, counting, all those things.

Today is Part 2 (and the final act) of my Tackling the Registry 'series' and today it's all about the Baby Registry. Never have I felt so lost as when it was time to start setting up my baby registry. This came as a complete surprise to me, since my mom did daycare for most of my childhood, which means I have changed more diapers that you can shake a stick at, but when it came to actually getting the things we need for our baby?

Totally. Different.

How in the world do you decide what you're going to need versus what other people tell you you'll need versus what you'll actually need versus what the stores want to sell you!? It's mind boggling. I was lucky to have a good friend going through this at the same time, who pioneered the way and gave me some essential tips. That combined with previous knowledge, helped me get a pretty hefty baby registry with lots and lots of items that are bound to help (and some that are just plain old cute).


Get this book before you go any further. When Brian and I were first starting out the Baby Bargains book was our savior. It not only tells you how and where to save a little for your baby's needs, but also has product reviews that are down to earth, reliable, and generally live savers. Hint: Be sure to get the most updated edition, I think it changes every year.

Use the 'grain of salt' technique when you're listening to others who are by now giving you more advice than possible. Even if you're like me, and your BFF is doing this with you, you're bound to have varying opinions on what each of you will need. Our registries don't match, nor should they! Remember, it's your baby, you and your other need to decide what's right for you.

Add way more than you think you need to your registry. People are generally baby crazy and can't wait to buy you anything and everything that has babies in it, on it, around it, whatever. You are going to need wayy more than you think you do on your registry. A friend of mine recently posted her registry and she only had 30-ish items on her list. People come out of the woodwork to buy you stuff. Get that number up so people know what to buy, otherwise, you'll get what they like, not what you like.

Establish rules and boundaries early and often. This applies to only your registry but to your pregnant life as well. If you don't want your kid to wear pink fru-fru tutu's I suggest you tell people that. Otherwise, if you're having a girl, you're going to get a pink tutu. And lace. Also, if you don't like glow in the dark screen printed t-shirts for your little boy...tell people that. If you're not finding out what your kid is, or you're like me and have the world's most stubborn baby, and you don't like the color yellow, giraffe's, ducks, or the moon & stars combo, I would suggest you get your butt in gear and find some cute baby clothes to put on your registry before your child ends up with a closet in 50 shades of beige and yellow. Remember, your baby, your life, your decisions. 

Remember just because you get it doesn't mean you have to use it/like it/dress your baby in it. There will inevitably be someone who says they never shop off of registries or they just don't bother to look. I'm a list person. Give me a list of things you want, and I will check off as many as I am willing to. People who know me know, don't veer from the list. People who do veer from the list have a higher probability of getting you something you dislike. When this happens (because it will happen) take it with a smile and know that it's your baby. You can do what you want with that awful pink tutu garment that was "just too cute" and makes you want to throw up. 


This is a one and one kind of registry and is where my registry is. Both Brian and I have very unique and specific tastes (people who know us usually give us money, or stick to the list because of this). This registry allows you to add any items from any website, including Etsy, and other indy baby stores.

Target is on both the wedding and baby registry list for a reason. It's such a great one stop shop. Tip: I've heard that if you register in store, you get all kinds of freebies and coupons.

I have a major dislike for the Babies 'R' Us and Toys 'R' Us franchise. I think they are overpriced, overstocked, and over rated. Check out Buy Buy Baby. It's a subsidiary of Bed Bath and Beyond (read: the exact same store only with baby stuff) but carries some high-end brands (cough, Micheal Kors, cough) along with low end prices and has everything you'll need.

Don't be afraid to register for some items that are more expensive than you'd normally go. Sometimes, the people you love want to splash out! Land of Nod is the only place I go for baby decor ideas. It has the cutest stuff. Do I buy things from them? Sometimes. Other times I find dupes at Target, or I diy it.

I hope you enjoyed my little mini-series. Good luck and happy shopping!

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