A little Bribery, Shopping and Weekending

Happy Monday all! I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did. Saturday started off by cleaning the house (boring) and then writing a paper (this gets better, I promise). THEN! It got better. Just a lot of relaxing. PS look at that face! Just look at it. This is Cooper's "it's morning and I'm already in trouble but look how cute I am" face. Oh Cooper.

Later in the day, I made cookies. Actually, I made cookies in order to bribe my husband into doing something that I KNEW he did NOT want to do, but I needed him to do anyways. So? I asked him what kind of cookies he wanted and then bribed him into doing what I needed done. Bribery works ladies. 

I'm actually writing this on Saturday, knowing that I won't be able to write on Sunday, so I'm going to talk about some cool things I did on Friday as well...

On Friday (or was it Thursday?) my Birchbox came. Surprised? Me too. I only subscribe when the box is cute...not joking...and this one is curated by Draper James and I thought the box was darling, so I subscribed for the month of March. I'll do a full post on this probably on Wednesday. Check it out!

I also did some shopping on Boohoo.com! They had a huge sale so I picked up some summer maternity/non maternity shirts since it's already 85 degrees outside.....why God why?. Here's what I got...

boohoo sale shopping

I also picked up this lightweight thermal from Kittsona. Also, did you know that Boohoo recently purchased NastyGal!? 

Anyways, that's about it for this weekend. Hope you all have a decent Monday! See you Wednesday!

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