AutoClub Weekending

Hey guys! This weekend was pretty good. Saturday I cleaned the house (seriously, felt so good to have a clean house) and ran a couple errands. Then Sunday, Brian and I went to the Nascar Race which was great! Unfortunately, we had to leave after the second stage, (basically half way through) because not only am I 10 years pregnant at this point (and swell easily in heat) but they confiscated my sunscreen on the way in (aerosols aren't allowed??) and my hormone enhanced skin has become photosensitive. AKA I started to fry by about 1:30pm because I couldn't reapply.

We had a great time, and I'm pretty exhausted so I'm just going to leave some of my favorite photos of the day below. I hope you all had a great weekend!

The track was celebrating it's 20th Anniversary and I thought this was a neat shot.

Love the skydiver's with the Flag. It's my favorite. 

Jimmie Johnson (Mr. Seven-Time that can not get a win this season).

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a fan favorite. 

The money shot of Chase Elliott!

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