Battle of the 'Twist' Mascara's

A while ago...a long time a galaxy far far away....


What I mean to say is at least 8 months ago I purchased two twist-up mascaras (the kind that you twist the bottom and they change shape) to test out and review on this here blog...and then I never did. Recently, I went through my makeup drawer to throw away some old makeup and found them again! So here is, a much belated, review of the two twist-up mascaras I tried:

I had first heard about these types of mascaras from Kathleen Lights. She had purchased the Flower Beauty mascara and I thought, why not? So I braved a trip to Walmart (omg, don't get me started) and picked it up. Then about a week later I was browsing through Ulta and picked up their Twisted Volume mascara and thus this post was born.

I wish I had better things to say about the Flower Beauty cosmetics line. I've tried a few things from them and none are anything I ever reach for (their stick foundation is one of those things). This mascara is no different. I found that compared to the Ulta version, the differences between the twists were so subtle I couldn't tell the difference much, and it made the whole mascara feel a little gimmicky to me. The formula was just okay and not something I would ever repurchase.

The Ulta Twisted Volume was a completely different experience. Not only are there 4 settings (Flower has 3) but there is a noticeable difference between each setting. The formula is very good. Volumizing, takes one coat, lifts and separates... It really checked all the boxes all while providing the versatility of different settings on the same wand. Plus it's the Ulta brand so it comes at the drugstore price (Flower beauty is also drugstore).

The winner for me was definitely the Ulta Twisted Volume and I will be repurchasing. This is something I hope they keep around because it really is worth a try. Also, I did some searching and found this mascara that also twists. I haven't tried it, but let me know if you have!

PSSST: The Ulta Twisted Volume is on sale here.

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