Friday Faves + H54F

Hi everyone! We've made it to Friday and for me that's a serious accomplishment. I was out for the count for 2.5 days this week with the worst head/chest cold I've had for a while! I woke up this morning with a breakout and a cold sore on my face and I still can't breathe through my nose. I'm a hot mess.

The good news is that this week has been eventful! My bestie had a baby this week, and that makes me feel like I'm sooo far behind her! But I'll catch up...well, sort of. I'm officially 26 weeks pregnant today (Thursday) and I'm getting ready for the end. please.

There have been some seriously cute things I've been obsessing over this week so I thought I'd go ahead and share them with you. The first is that design-seeds palette and while it's not something I'm obsessing over, I do feel like it's going to be what I want my summer to feel like. Light, airy, zesty, and fun. I'm getting in the mood cause in SoCal, there's 'Winter' and then SUMMER UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

Rifle Paper Co (the best art/paper/stationary site in the world) came out with their new fabric collection based on Wonderland. Um...hi. I'll take one of each and that fat quarter bundle for $110. Just take my money, I don't need it.

I also started the baby blanket yesterday as a "Get well Soon" present to myself. Ladies, if you don't buy yourself flowers or presents, GET ON BOARD. It's the same one that was used on the TV series Once Upon a Time. Yes, I know I've already made a baby quilt...and when Brian asked me how many blankets this baby needs...I promptly responded...I dunno, 100? Seems about right to me. I'll post pictures when it's done.

I also almost bought myself these sandals from Target as a "congratulations you're 6 years old again and need breathing treatments from the doctor" present. Almost.

Finally, I bought myself a sappy romance novel to read whilst I'm sick. Have I read it? No (see get well soon present above) but it seems like my kind of romance. Scottish highlander...spunky's called The Trouble With Dukes...need I say more?

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  1. Oh no, I hope you really start feeling better soon! That's awesome your friend had her baby this week though - congrats to her! I like the idea of buying yourself gifts sometimes. :)


    1. Thank you! I'm still STILL recovering, but I'll get there! Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. I love that design seeds palette! It's totally the best summer color scheme!! You just reminded me that I need to start on baby blankets for our assistant! I've been wanting to work on them for a couple of weeks now... and she's due at the end of the month!

    1. I love it too! Get cracking lady! You'll get those blankets done on time ;-)

  3. I love that Design Seeds palette too - it looks like summer.


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