Friday Favorites + H54F

I think I've decided that my Friday Favorites are going to start with a new Design-Seeds palette because I absolutely love finding them, and I love color, and I think it's fun to share. So there!

This one I particularly like because again, it's fresh, and full of color. Really a great palette.

I got my first Paper by Parcel box this week, and I'm not going lie. I love it. You'll be seeing it shortly...maybe Monday.

Parasol is a diaper company that offers a free(ish) trial for their service. Sign up and you get 8 free diapers and a small pack of wipes for only $5 shipping. They're super cute, and it's a nice way to try them out. Honest also does something like this...and really, why pay for diapers when you don't have to?

My back has really started hurting me (center of gravity shift and all) and in order to keep up some good cardio at the gym without potentially aggravating that lower back injury of old, I picked up this maternity swimsuit, which I think is simple and cute, especially for only $40.

These shirts look like the most comfortable shirts in the history of the world...

I think that's about it for this week. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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