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As Easter approaches I get more and more into spring colors. That's why I've chosen this Design-Seeds palette for this week's favorite. I mean, just look at it. Doesn't just make you excited for warmer weather and springtime showers? (I live in SoCal so none of these things exist, but I remember looking forward to them....sigh).

Let's do some Friday Favorites!

EASTER is rapidly approaching and while I don't really have a lot of family that celebrate Easter out here, back in the midwest it was essentially second Christmas. I was the WORST at finding my Easter basket. Most mornings I would cry...even as a teenager when my brother was young...he would find his basket and I wouldn't and I was cry, because #ISuckedAtLife. Or whatever was cool for a teenager to say back then. The drama. This year, I'll be wearing this new tee I picked up from Ily Couture! How cute it is? Also...this.

NEWBORN PHOTOG has been selected! Newborn pics are NOT cheap, but I talked to Brian about it, and really, we have to do this right and I know I'll regret it if we don't get some good newborn family pictures. We went with someone who was a bit less-posed in her styling with some seriously gorgeous natural light. Check out her website here.

FOUNDATION has been remiss in my makeup routine as of late, but I just can't stand the feeling of heavy make up on my face. Currently, I'm using the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation as a concealer only and it's the best thing since sliced bread. Really. If you don't have this foundation, go pick it up, it's a workhorse.

TESTING, TESTING, 1, 2 is what I'll be doing for Birchbox. They posted something on Facebook about a new $15/month subscription they're going to beta test and asked for people to switch over if they were interested. You can read all about it here. I have no idea if they have slots open still, but for your sake I hope they do. Let me know if you get in!

GRADUATION happened for me this week! I graduated college with my Bachelor's in Business Administration from Capella University. I used their FlexPath program (you've seen commercials for it on TV) and it really, really worked for me. I really loved it. Read about it here. PS I finally picked up those gladiator sandals from Target I've been eyeing for weeks as a graduation present to myself.

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