Friday Favorites: Rocksbox Edition + H54F

Good day everyone! For today's Friday Favorites I thought I'd share about my most recent Rocksbox which was a bit of a disappointment, but I still really loved one item. Let's get to it:

The first item I pulled out was this SLATE Rachel Stone Cuff in Lapis. This was not something I asked for and I was very torn as to whether I would like it. I wore it for a full day before deciding that while it's cute, it just wasn't anything I was ga-ga about, so, back it goes!

The second item was this gorgeous Perry Street Monica Statement Necklace. I tried to love this so much, because it really is gorgeous, but I have a rather big neck (thanks Dad!) and it just didn't fit right. I'd say this was 80% my problem for not having extenders on hand and 20% the necklace's problem for having an abnormally short chain. Back it went.

The third and final item I got were these fabulous Sophie Harper earrings which I'm totally obsessed with. At first I wasn't sure I was going to love them, then when I wore them, I decided it was true love and I had to have them. I love the way they are delicate enough but statement enough to draw your attention. 

Overall, this box was a win, because of the earrings, and I wish the necklace would have worked, but the cuff was a disappointment. Can't wait to see what in my next one!!!

You can try Rocksbox for free (1 month) with code: CANDICEBFF82!

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