My First Paper by Parcel

A few weeks ago, I found Paper by Parcel and when I realized what it was, I signed up immediately. I love stationary, and pretty paper things. That's essentially what this is. Inside, you'll find a few greeting cards and other paperie type goodies. 

The first thing I noticed (and loved!) was the personalization! Right there! My name was right there handwritten by someone. It's a personal touch that I think a lot of subscription boxes lack. It also has a small velum card that describes what's in the package. This month is was all about plants and greenery. Love. There's a 'Sad Plants Club' pin from I Loot Paperie that is hilarious. Part of me wants to put this in a plant I've been nursing for the last year and a half. She's not getting any better...

There's also some vintage postage stamps with desert inspired plants, that I think are really neat...but what do you do with them? Do you use them? Do you keep them? I'm not too sure about these.

The greeting cards I was most excited about. One is from Underwood Letterpress (the white) and the other is from Shifting Status Kuo. I love finding fun cards to send out to people for birthday's or just thinking about you cards. They're fun to keep around for just the right occasion.

The subscription costs $19/month and this month I'd say we got our monies worth. I'm only a little unsure about those stamps, but the cards and the pin completely make up for it.

You can check them out here! Enjoy your day!

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