Easter Weekending

Hello everyone and Happy Easter (a bit belated). Even if you are not religious, this is a major family holiday and I hope you all got to hang with family and friends. I had a really relaxing weekend. Unfortunately, Brian had to work most of the weekend which left Cooper (dog) and I to fend for ourselves most of the weekend. I was completely okay with this.

On Saturday, I got my second prenatal massage and it helped, once again, to relief my shoulder, neck, and back pain. I also went grocery shopping and scored some good deals, compliments of the Krazy Coupon Lady (love that website).

Later on Saturday, Brian surprised me with flowers cause he's awesome like that. That night I made this Cheesy Veggie Bake and it was delicious. I always tell people make sure you season Pinterest meals to your liking, I find that a lot of them are a bit bland. 

That brings us to Easter Sunday. That morning I got up and was a bit queasy (thank you baby) so I convinced Brian to make some french toast (which he did because he loves french toast) and then I got myself ready for church.

I recently got the LOC Vibrant Matte Lipstick in Playful that Kate over at The Small Things has been raving about, partially because she created the color, and partially because it's actually quite nice. When I received it, I was a little disappointed, it's quite tiny. But now that I've used it with a full face of makeup, I really like the color and that makes up for it. The rest of my look is made up of my favorites, which you can see here, along with the Sweet Peach Palette from Too Faced.

For Easter dinner, I made a delicious roast with veggies and Hawaiian Rolls. I was going to also do cheesecake for desserts but alas, one of the key ingredients was expired. I always do my roasts in the slow cooker. Here's how I do it:

Super Easy Roast 

3 lb Chuck Roast
Baby Carrots
Red Russet Potatoes
1 large onion
Seasoning (your favorites)

1. Place roast in slow cooker.
2. Wash, and quarter potatoes (enough to fill the sides)
3. Dump in some baby carrots (I always buy the peeled kind)
4. Cut and peel an onion, placing layers in the slow cooker.
5. Fill with water so it's just at the top of the roast.
6. Season with your favorite seasonings. (I use 21 Seasoning Salute from Trader Joe's & Basil)

Let it cook on low for 7-8 hours on low or on high for 4-6.

I hope you guys had a great Easter! Enjoy your week!

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