Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2017

Can you believe we're half way through April already? This year it seems to have gone especially fast (I blame this on the coming baby) and it's already time to start considering what to get Mom on Mother's Day. This year I've tried to include some items that not only work for my Mom, but also some of the new Mom's I know. Here we go...

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

These gifts vary in price from pretty inexpensive (cause I was a broke college kid once too) to over one hundred dollars, and I think each and every one of these (or a combo of a few) would make any Mom's day.

As I get closer to being a Mom myself, I find myself googling options for 'Mom Jewelry' probably more than my work would like. I really love this version of a Birthstone Necklace. Since I will only be the Mom of one, I think I would grab mine, my husbands, and babies for mine. I also really love the Three Peas in a Pod bracelet as well. Again, I would select something for the three of us, but it would work well for Mom's of multiple kids as well.

I'm obsessed with florals right now, have been for a while, and think that some of these floral options from none other than Rifle Paper Co. would be great gifts for Mother's Day. The Citrus Stationary is customizable for what you'd like to get her. You can get Flat Notes, Calling Cards, or both! Last year when RPC came out with their Les Fleurs collection of fabrics, I died and bought as many as I could. Getting this fat quarter bundle is a crafters dream. For those who can't afford a ton, but have at least 5-bucks, the World's Greatest Mom certificate is a great way to go. The water bottles are not Rifle, but they are adorable, and if you're Mom loves to work outside, or keeps fit, this would be a lovely option.

I love the 'I love You' vase. So simple, so chic, so modern, and good for any Mom (HINT: Put a flower or two in it when you give it to her). For the sentimental, I have been seeing the heirloom recipe cards printed on tea towels for a while now, and I know if my mom got something that her Dad used to make printed on a tea towel, in his handwriting, there'd be tears for sure. 

Finally, while lots of these would work for new Mom's, the one I love the most is the New Mom Gift Wine Labels. These are new Mom milestones and are pretty great. My faves? 'Goodbye Baby Weight', 'Baby Slept Through the Night', 'First Mommy Meltdown', and 'Public Temper Tantrum'. I have a friend that NEEDS these. NEEDS. Good luck and Happy (early) Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there!

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