Spice up Your Life...For Reals!

Hold on to your butts kids, Victoria Beckham just came out with a line for Target and I am ON BOARD. I've already got my shopping list created and thought I should share my favorite pieces from the collection with you.

Before we get started...I feel like this post needs a soundtrack...click here.


Let's start with the rompers. I have a friend with a darker skin tone, that would rock that orange romper right off the hanger. I'm going to be encouraging her to partake. She has to. For me, the black romper is mine. I love it. I won't be pregnant for the WHOLE summer, so I'll actually get to wear it, enjoy it, and yes. PS I'm linking that in plus size (cause she made it available in plus sizes as well, YES!)

The lace applique sweater is great for spring and cool nights outside in the summer (MINE). I also really like the floral skirt paired with a gray tee. She has it paired with a matching floral top, but I'm not so in love with that look. And, I'm normally not a fan of clothing with bugs on it, but, the bees are kinda cute on that scarf, and the pop of yellow for spring/summer is right on trend.

For baby, I'm loving two items (she's got a ton of cute stuff for toddlers as well, but I just can't look at it right now. I can't buy things in 2T when my child has yet to make her grand entrance). The first is the adorable mushroom onesie which is so Alice in Wonderland inspired it makes me sigh. The second is the rabbit onesie with the cute Peter Pan collar...just all the cuteness.

So there you have it! My picks from the VBxTarget Collection. I love that she made a line with Target, that's not only wearable, but wearable to all women. Why there has to be a plus size versus regular, I'll never know, but VB threw all that out the window! Congrats to her!

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