A Little Honest Weekending

Hi everyone! Here it is on Sunday afternoon and they day as flown! I've had a pretty eventful weekend, which is strange for me and I'll be honest (cause that's the theme) I'm pretty glad it's over. Lots happening.

Saturday was our anniversary, so I made some homemade lasagna (using this recipe) and my famous chocolate chips cookies for dessert. Brian managed to get off of work early and surprise me with a Beauty and the Beast coloring book along with the movie Moana. For those of you thinking: wow, what an anniversary gift, let me explain: my husband knows me, and therefore knows that I will get more enjoyment out of these two simple things than any jewelry or fancy item. It's just who I am, and I'm 100% okay with that.

Then on Sunday we had my "baby brunch" which consisted of a few of our people here in SoCal getting together for a champagne brunch in which I wished I could drink the champagne, while the rest of them did and I lusted. It was a nice time and I think a good way to do a baby thing without it being a full blown shower: cause no

Right here would normally be the spot where I inserted some pictures of the inside of the restaurant and the food but here's the honest to goodness truth: I had such bad social anxiety by the time I got there that it was everything I could do to not run screaming for the car. #truthbomb So, I forgot completely to take more photo's, sorry.

I did manage to snap a pretty decent picture of my look for the day though! I've listed all the products I used below

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