Mother's Day Weekending


Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you mom's out there (and in my case) soon-to-be mom's! So, funny story: I've created what I'm calling "The Tweener Rule" which means that if you're like me, and your child is to be born after Mother's Day but before Father's Day thus enabling Dad to have a Dad's Day, but making it impossible for Mom to have a Mom's Day, therefore always putting Mom one down on the scale of fairness, that the mother in question shall receive an un-birthday to make up for this. Everyone I've talked to says it's fair, and so I say it stays.

So to all you moms-to-be (like me) who fell in the "Tweener" Category! Happy Almost Mother's Day and Unbirthday to you all!!

In other news, I had yet another boring weekend and this time guys, seriously, it was needed. Last weekend was actually really busy, and I was so tired afterwards it took me until Wednesday to recoup. No joke. A few things did happen though:

My roses are in full bloom and they just look fantastic! This winter was hard on them, but they've finally kicked it and are doing much better! MUCH MUCH better. These are actually limited edition "Downton Abbey" inspired roses. The one you're looking at is the Dowager Countess. Also, my Ranunculus are sprouting and I can't wait until they bloom. I'm hoping they do before the sun kills them, like it kills everything...all hopes, dreams...this is what it's like living in the desert.

I also made homemade taco pizza on Saturday which kept me full essentially all weekend. It was crazy. Between that and the leftover ziti from my "surprise" baby shower at work (they think they can surprise me, it's cute) I think I've pretty much carbed out for the rest of the year. All very delicious though. I mean, really good.

That's really all I have to report. I hope you all had a great weekend and great Mother's Day!

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