My Favorite Essential Oils

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I haven't talked about this much on the blog, but I have every intention of inserting a little bit more about something that I've been dabbling with and working on for the last couple of months: doTERRA and essential oils. I've been using essential oils throughout my pregnancy, and now even my husband is on board because he's seen how much they've helped. There's a whole other post here, but I thought for today, I'd run through my current favorites.

For Allergies... Brian and Cooper (the dog) have had the worst allergies this season. Normally, I'm the one with bad allergies, but this year, my two boys are having the worst problems. I've been diffusing OnGuard (which is my husband's favorite) and Breathe like crazy. OnGuard is good for your immune system while Breathe is amazing for your respiratory health. Cooper loves this one and usually goes to sit next to the diffuser when it's running. With his allergies, Brian has been complaining about bad headaches, so I've been using some of the AromaTouch to help relieve his headaches and relax his muscles. He loves it.

For Anxiety... As my pregnancy grows nearer to the end, not only has my already short fuse been shortening to nothing, but my anxiety has grown a bit. Not about labor and delivery, but about all the things that happen parenting. When I get home from work (which holds a whole new version of anxiety) I usually pop some Balance in the diffuser. I'll also applying this topically right behind my ear lobes to help ground me and relax a bit. As I'm getting ready to wind down for bed, I'll diffuse some Serenity (which is the best way to do lavender in my opinion) with a couple drops of Breathe to help with my respiratory issues (#pregnancyproblems). 

For Skin Issues... I have introduced more people to Melaleuca recently than anything else. A coworker of mine came in with a bad cold sore, so I hooked her up and, as it had happened with me, her cold sore started healing within hours of application. I've also used this on some, what are undoubtably hormone related, spots on my face and they've kept it from surfacing, and it goes down. 

I'm not sure what I did before I discovered doTERRA and essential oils. If you'd like, you can click here to check out my website and learn a little more. Or! Feel free to comment here with questions or use the contact me section to ask me a personal question about them! I'll get back to you right away! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

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