Nesting + Weekending

Hi all! Unfortunately, another weekend has ended and here we are at Monday. Wah wahhhhh. Such a bummer. Anyways, this weekend was pretty boring (per my norm) but we did get some things done for the baby.

We're to the point of painting for the dresser. Thanks goodness, it's almost over. Very excited to have it in the room, and done. We also cleared out a couple shelves in the kitchen for the babies stuff (she's so needy) and set up more of the nursery. My parents are purchasing the crib and mattress and it should be here next Monday, so stuff's getting real!

A coworker made us a TON of burping cloths and a beautiful blanket, which oddly enough, finished off my diaper crash-cart which is my masterpiece! Isn't it great?

This shirt is life. I will wear it every day, all day.

Finally, I'm a wellness advocate for doTERRA and belong to a secret Facebook group that shares and posts things regarding how to use essential oils in your daily life. One of the members posts this recipe for tick repellant and I thought it was worth a share!!

Can't wait to try it out, and it works for dogs as well!! 

That's all I've got ladies and gents! Enjoy your week!

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