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post-pregnancy shopping list

Today (Thursday) I'm officially 36 weeks and I'm getting excited to experience a few things after baby (I mean other than baby) shopping. I've essentially stopped shopping since the last round of maternity clothes I purchased and it's left a gaping hole in my life.

Okay, maybe not a gaping hole, but I miss it...I really do.

So for today's H54F, I thought I'd run down my current top five post-pregnancy shopping items!

PRIMP has tons of cute stuff right now. In fact, two out of five of these items are from there! I'm not normally a peasant girl, at all, but I like the print/pattern combo of the Savanna One Shoulder Top. I don't know, I think it would be a fun summer shirt. I'm also in desperate need of shorts, and the Sunrise Printed Shorts are not only super cute, but also have an elastic waist which for postpartum will be preferred.

I really like the May Day Top from Apricot Lane. It's fitted up top and loose on the bottom which I think will be a nice way to hide that baby-belly while it's shrinking back down.

I have wanted a hat like the one shown above since the beginning of time. This one is customizable! I have no idea where I'll wear this, but I care not. I need it. And I'm 15 years pregnant, please don't think this post is at all rational.

Finally, a friend of mine lived in her Spanx leggings postpartum. I know, they're horribly expensive, but she swore by them and again, 15 years pregnant, I want them. And I care not about the cost.

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