Hello again!

And I'm back. Thank you for the break, it was much needed. Turns out by the end of pregnancy, you basically have no space for anything else in your life. Needless to say, I've had that baby, and now that she's three weeks, we've basically got a routine down and I've found myself with a little more time and a lot more brain power.


If you've been around for a while, you'll know that every year and a half or so I like to update the look and feel of the blog. It's sort of like a fresh coat of paint, if you will. I really like this update and I hope you enjoy how clean it is. Recently, I walked into a certain discount store (which will remain nameless) where it had fashion and home items displayed in what could be the most categorically disorganized way possible, and realized the if its not presented to me in a clean and orderly fashion, I'm really not interested. This kind of sparked a bit of a life clean up, and when I looked at my blog I thought, let's clean this up a bit, shall we? Please take a tour around, every page has been updated. My posting-schedule has also changed: I'll be posting Wednesday's and Friday's now, and please forgive me if I miss a post here and there. Life is bound to be pretty busy in the coming month's. If you're wondering, I get all my blog templates from Etsy!


As I said above, I have since had that baby and she's amazing. After hanging around on the inside for an extra week she was literally evicted via induction on June 14th and joined the world soon after. Meet Adalae Elizabeth, born June 15th, at 8:24pm. 6 lbs, 3oz, 19-inches long. Currently loves bottles, country music and Dad's silliness. She has a love/hate relationship with her pacifier and despises her MamaRoo.

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