Friday Favorites

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Picture taken at the OC County Fair

It has been a while since I've done a Friday Favorites. I'm not sure these will be every Friday, or even most Friday's, but when I've been out and about and end up with a good chunk of items I'd love to share, you'll see one of these pop up. I'll try to keep them in the '5' format (as in, at least five of them), but who knows? Maybe they'll be more...or less. Regardless, let's get into what has made my list this week:

Now that the baby is six weeks, she's getting a bit easier and I've been able to resume some hobbies, namely, reading. I love to read and I've been catching up on some great books (you can follow along on my Insta-Stories). I just finished the first in a series called The Bourbon Kings and loved it. If you're looking for a good fiction read, pick it up, you won't regret it.

Keeping within the same genre, I've also read through 1.5 of Brené Brown's books (again) and am still loving them. There'll be a whole post on them, so stay tuned. However, this lead me to a romp through my 'Wholehearted Reading' to-be-read list (located here) and I went further down the rabbit hole and ended up watching Amanda Palmer's TED talk. Amanda Palmer is the singer from the Dresden Dolls (anyone having emo-flashback's yet? raises hand). It's about asking for help, and not in a weird self-help-book kind of way, but in a weird/freakish way that only Amanda Palmer can pull off, and I love her for it. She also has a book on the subject.

Cleaning has been the first, second, and last things I've been doing lately and I officially have a new favorite cleaning tool. (I just had a 'what-has-my-life-become-I'm-blogging-about-a-mop' moment.) But it's a cool mop cause I use it to clean my stupid textured walls that collect dust and dirt and are generally jerks.

I managed to pick up this jacket from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And that's the last thing you'll hear me say about the #NSale. I'm a little over the sale but that jacket is adorbs and still available.

If you haven't checked out this store you should. And this one.

Lastly, I rejoined Weight Watchers this week and started 'Yoga Revolution' with Yoga with Adriene. It feels good to be making my body a priority again (pregnancy kind of squashed that, in the most rewarding way possible, but still...squashed).

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclaimer here.

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