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So, we decided to sell Brian's truck. I promise, this has everything to do with passports, stick with me. Anyways, we decided to sell it in spite of the fact that we freaking love that thing. It's a 2003 Chevy Silverado, and was one of the only runs with the quadrasteer (all wheels steer) option which has saved me in many parking spots here in SoCal, let me tell you..

...but I digress...

When we decided to sell, we realized that we needed to find the title and went digging in our fire-proof box that hadn't been opened since the beginning of time. I walked into the bedroom after Brian dug it out from under the bed, and could smell the mildew. Seriously guys, if you haven't looked in your fire-proof boxes or place where you stash the important stuff, make sure you take a look. Oy. Anyways, our poor passports faired the worse. The pages were fine, but the covers weren't great. So I went online and searched for passport covers and was really surprised to find some great options for both of us!

Passport covers

one / two / three / four / five

I usually head to Etsy first whenever I'm looking for something quirky like this and I'm usually always successful. Not to my surprise, I found two great options right off the bat. I love The Expedition Personalized Passport Holder. Not only is it blush but I love the monogram detailing. For Brian, I thought the very basic Leather Passport Wallet would be perfect. Again, I'm a sucker for the leather monograming. 

Kate Spade is a must check for any kind of accessory. I found the Cameron Street Passport Holder  and thought it was a great, albeit a bit higher-end option. I rounded out my search at Fossil and found the hot pink passport case that at first I didn't like, but then I checked the inside out and it's got little gold cacti in it! I'm completely on board with the succulent trend right now (have you seen this mug?). I also really liked the Keely Passport Case Gift Set, because well, I love me some monochromatic. 

I think I'm going to end up with the Expedition, but the Keely is tempting. Do you have a passport case? Where'd you find yours? Let me know below!

Random find alert: if you're interested in more of travel wallet, how cute is this?


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