Shopping Again (Hey yo!)

For those of you who haven't been around long, prior to getting pregnant, I had lost just about 75 pounds or so...then I got pregnant. This combination, while amazing I assure you, completely f'd up my wardrobe beyond all hope. Yes, for those military minded folks, after my daughter was born, my wardrobe was completely FUBAR. After taking stock, and hearing my checking account actually groan, I embarked on my recent shopping extravaganza.

My first stop was StitchFix (join here). I ordered my first box in ages and my stylist totally nailed it. I kept all five pieces, which is a rarity for me. Then I decided that it was time to start looking to expand as quickly as possible. With the help of Instagram and I managed to compile quite the list. Here's what made the cut:

I also picked up these jeans from Banana Republic and busted out some old Boyfriend Jeans from Torrid that fit me because, well, I'm still a bit thick around the middle.

What have you picked up recently? I'd love to know! Leave a link in the comments!

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