The Ultimate Parenting Photo Hack

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I have long wondered what the hell I was going to do with all the digital photos I've been collecting since digital photo's became a thing (I was in college when I got my first digital camera). Until recently, Facebook photo albums and Instagram blips seemed like 'good enough' options. There was no way I was going to bother printing photos and then putting them into an album that I'd likely never look at again...

And then I became a mom...

Taking massive amounts of pictures of your child is not about the ooo/ahh factor (okay, maybe a little bit), but honestly, those first couple of weeks you're so freaking amazed that you made that little baby you can't help but take pictures, just for documentation that it happened much less because she's cute. So, at the end of the first month I found myself with a truck-load of photo's of my daughter that I didn't know what to do with. Then, something amazing happened: Rifle Paper Co., my favorite papiere place of all time, collaborated with Chatbooks for their albums covers.

I would be lying if I told you I knew what a Chatbook was before I caught that Instagram post by Rifle Paper. But I know now, and I'm in love. Basically, Chatbooks is an app for your iPhone that allows you to upload your photo's from your phone to an album and will print said album and send it to you for approximately $8 (depending on your options). You can order an individual book, or start a series of album's. I opted for the series (because the Rifle covers were only available as a series) and started uploading.

Each album holds up to 60 photos and for me that's approximately one month of photo's. I also opted for the hardcover option for an up-charge. The spine comes printed with the Volume Number and Series title. Each photo comes with the date it was taken and location (which is pretty cool). This was also incredibly easy to do and it's the ease of uploading and ordering that makes me a fan for life. You can also purchase additional copies or get prints of photos which Brian and I realized very quickly would be a great gift for Grandparent's.

If you have photo's you're not sure what to do with, download the app and give Chatbooks a shot. If you do, let know how you like it!


60 page photo books for $8

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