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Now that the word's out that I'm moving back to a place with four seasons, I've got to gear up for fall. I've already done a fair amount of shopping for the baby and Brian can fend for himself. Now it's on to me and I've got a wishlist a mile long (you should not be surprised).  I've been obsessed with all the perforated booties out there and decided that #3 is a must have. I've already purchased #6 and absolutely love it. It's the perfect lightweight jacket for fall. 

There are two pairs of jeans on here because I actually only own one pair right now. In Southern California you wear jeans for about five seconds and then are right back in to shorts. Believe it or not, the current pair I own are from American Eagle about 8 years ago. I really love Kut From the Cloth (#4) and the girlfriend jeans (#8) that GAP has right now are great.

I really like the idea of a sweater blazer and thought the structure and detailing of #9 was a fun but still casual option for day to night. 

I'll likely pick up one of the handbags, but not both (the diaper bag is what I generally carry nowadays) and I'm on the fence about the plaid jacket (#5). What do you guys think? 

What have you purchased this fall? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Girl, you have the best taste! Give me that checked coat from Chicwish! I love love love it! I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

    1. Thank you! I really like that one, but I found one from Guess that I think I'm going to get for sure.

  2. Fall is so exciting when you live in a climate that has four seasons. It's so much fun every year to buy sweaters and scarves and get out the favorites from last year!

    1. Yes, I completely agree. Fall in Southern California is tank tops and flip flops, so excited to actually get to wear some of the blanket scarves I've collected while being here!


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